Dreams can help us deal with issues we haven’t dealt with or didn’t recognize in our waking hours. Our mind can use them to relax, or imagine going places we’ve never been. I had a dream this weekend that was so normal it was amazing. I don’t normally remember my dreams when I wake up, because I slowly come up from sleep to wakefulness, and the dream fades before I’m conscious of it. This weekend I went back and forth between wakefulness and dreaming so seamlessly I had no clue I was dreaming or not until the LAST time I woke up. And I remembered everything. Dream logic is odd, but I was dealing with mom’s death by reliving finding out she was dead through a different context. It was surreal and emotional, something my logical and rational mental processes generally try to avoid. Which I’m certain is why I ended up with the date in dreamland to go over the issue. Listen to your dreams, kiddos. Sometimes they have something important to say to you. 😉