Jasmine:  Yeah, it’s a neat toy.  But why buy two of them?

Jack:  Actually, they’re two different toys.  See?  One is clean and the other is dirty.

Jasmine:  Can’t you just clean the dirty one?

Jack:  No.  The dirty one is a paint variant.  There were only 500 of them made.  It’s very rare.

Jasmine:  I’m not surprised.  It looks horrible.

Jack:  That’s on purpose.

Jasmine:  So why’s that one in box?

Jack:  Well, I bought one to keep in box and one to play with.  That increases the collector’s value if I ever decide to sell.

Jasmine:  Are you?  Going to sell them?

Jack:  Well…no…

Jasmine:  … … …

Collecting Explained 1