Now just wait up before we all do something you’ll regret. I know you got ten big bad guys and there’s just two of us. And I know you’re doing all kinds of math trying to figure out what ten can do with two. But let’s just take a moment for a bit more math. You see we’ve got three revolvers here. I know you’re fast, but I guarantee we can pull the triggers twice before you get a hand on us. So that’s six out of ten that’ll end up with holes in you. That leaves four of you, right? But we’re only here for Lucky Lorenzo. His bounty pays double if there’s no holes in him, so he gets a pass on the shooting. That makes only three of you very unlucky guys gonna put hands on us. That just seems like real bad math to me. Or we can go for what’s behind door number two. Lucky Lorenzo and us walk out of here with no shots fired or unkind words uttered and you nine can elect yourselves a new leader. So there’s two questions you need to ask yourselves. Do you want to cross a couple of real Cowboys serving a judge’s legal warrant? Or do you feel lucky?
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