Dorothy 0 - Full Body 800

I have had friends, foes, and sycophants all my life. I never fully trusted any of them. I do not believe I knew how to trust back then. My family did not teach that lesson. Jack tells this story about Fort Wichita after I inherited command. How I took control and drove everyone to victory like I was born to do it. Do not believe a word of it. I was scared spitless that day. I was panicking. I knew I was dead. A dead man waiting for the shot that killed me. The only reason I am alive now is because of Dorothy. She was the one person in that moment that I fully trusted. She used that moment to teach me how to trust myself. And then she taught me to trust others. That is her gift. She is a teacher. She pulls the best of out people. Everyone around her. She makes people want to be better. I love her for that.

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