My mother is going into the Mayo Clinic today for an operation to remove her Melanoma.  Doctors will be there to perform instant biopsies on what is removed to verify that all of it has been taken out, and to tell the surgeons to take out more if it isn’t.  And they will be removing her lymph nodes so they can test to see if the cancer has traveled.  We will find out soon if this is a simple removal or if things are going to be far more complicated.

So I’m asking those of you who do this sort of thing to pray for her.  To think about her.  She could use all the good thoughts, good energy, and all that jazz she can get.

And if you don’t do that kind of thing, good wishes and hopeful messages are always awesome.

This is cancer.  This is serious.  And today I pray it will be gone.  I will happily gather together in real life or over the Internet with anyone who has the same goal.