Some of you may remember that I had health insurance before Obamacare. It was 100 dollars a month, and paid for the first 1,000 dollars worth of treatment for each year. So I could do my yearly checkups and get any prescriptions the doctors said I needed. But it didn’t cover my absolute need to be protected from Ovarian cancer and all the other things Obamacare said had to be covered for males like me. Gender is fluid after all, and one never knows when I may decide to identify as female, so the plans that didn’t take that into account had to disappear. The replacement plan was three times as much, and lacked the 1,000 dollar a year coverage, so I did without.

Then last year my appendix exploded for some 40,000 dollars and some guy in a car pulled out in front of me on my motorcycle for another 20,000 in bills. His insurance paid for that, but I still had the other bill. After charity, I’m down to only paying 200 bucks a month on the loan to cover the medical care, and 50 bucks a month to Gold Cross Ambulance for taking me in.

At which time, I decided I had to get Obamacare. It didn’t matter how expensive it was, I had to find some way to afford it. The government wouldn’t let me sign up until the end of the year, which is why I didn’t have it when the accident hit me, but I did sign up in November when they finally graciously allowed me to sign up for the health care they were penalizing me for not having beforehand. The dozens of options from numerous insurance providers are gone now, replaced by three plans from one company. The one I picked was the 700 dollar a month plan. I could have gotten the 360 dollar a month plan, but that one is basically useless. And the other plan was over 1,000 dollars a month. So I got the 700 dollar plan, and set aside several thousand dollars of the accident settlement fund to allow me to pay for the plan. For a time.

And now I’ve been to the Mayo Clinic again for checkups and sleep tests and stuff like that. Seems they think I have a number of issues that need working on. And of course the new 700 dollar Obamacare plan doesn’t cover everything. Over 3,000 dollars of this year’s bills are uncovered, meaning I have to pay for them too. So I’m paying 100 dollars a month to work them down. On top of the 250 dollars a month for last year’s health care bills.

The total is more than my house payment. This is life under Obamacare. And this is why many of those in Washington are there. They were sent to fix the problem, and they need to. Because life under Obamacare is something that millions of my fellow citizens cannot endure. We either don’t have it all and are being penalized for it, or we are running our budgets deep into the red to get it. Either way, our money will soon run out. This is unbearable.

This is life under Obamacare.

And if the government we sent to Washington doesn’t fix the damage that Obamacare has done, we will send someone else to do the job.

Because we refuse to live a life under Obamacare.