Peter volunteered to mete out vengeance on the Shang for killing his sister. It was a surprise to everyone when the cybernetic families chose to send a daughter designed to perfectly mimic that sister. Peter was overjoyed at first. And he was hesitant. He worried that accepting the cyber would be a betrayal of his sister’s memory. But he also did not wish to live without her. It was not precisely a rough start to their partnership. He liked that she picked his sister, even as he worried about it. And she understood why he was hesitant. They started slowly, and tested each other in the days and weeks that followed. They became as thick as thieves, of course, and that was good for both of them. Peter became something like the man I remembered before Yosemite, but with more maturity. He had weathered and survived great loss, and treasured his relationships more than before. In some ways he became more serious. More punctual in time and space. He was more hopeful as well. He wanted to see the good in people. I can think of worse ways to live than that.

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