I grew up as a cadet member of the Hurst Family before Contact. That meant I went to all of the Hurst Family schools. And yes, that meant I got to wear the Hurst Family school uniforms. Yes. I rocked the school boy uniform as a child. And I did it very well if I say so myself. One of the advantages of wearing a school uniform is that it reinforces the idea that everyone is equal. Though children are not idiots. We knew who was more equal than the others from the moment we were able to form cognitive thoughts. That is the football quarterback in most schools across America. In ours, it was the handful of true, blue Hursts in our classes. And as good as I looked in a school uniform, I never looked as good as a Hurst to those with…certain motivations. That doesn’t mean I didn’t try to look better, though. And sometimes, I succeeded.

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