Charles Edward Hurst grew up in one of the most machiavellian families that has ever existed. A Great Family, one of the true rulers of the world, a shaper of men and destinies far and wide. He was their chosen successor, the future leader who would ascend to his father’s position in time. He was the figurehead for a future thousands of years in the planning. He would be the man who would lead the world into a new future, a new destiny, carefully crafted and chosen over the generations. That was the Hurst Family plan for Charlie’s life. But they made one critical error. They never realized that the boy standing in front of them and politely nodding to their every suggestion was smart enough to be a true leader of the family. He was never going to be their figurehead. I stood beside him for years as we discussed the true future he envisioned. And it was my pleasure to guide those plans to fruition.

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