If Capella is the highway to the Hyades Cluster, and if Elnath is the outer gateway, then Kappa Tauri is the innermost gate. Its two system primaries are bright and hot F-type stars just outside the inner Hyades Cluster core. They are lightyears apart, but there are a dozen other stars within ten lightyears of them. Some are amazingly hot and massive in their own right, and all of that gravitic interference converges on a single point. It is a highway through hyperspace linking Elnath with the heart of the Hyades. It was the single point in the Hyades defenses that the Chinese could not afford to lose, because we could flow reinforcements into the cluster with ease if we ever took it. That is why the Chinese reinforced it so heavily after we struck Elnath. And that is why we did not strike Kappa Tauri.