This has been a good year for me in what many people like to call our real lives. Better in many ways than last year. No appendix blowing up on me. No motorcycle accident breaking five ribs. Though I did get the joy of dealing with Obamacare. Going from a 100 dollar a month plan before Obamacare to a 700 dollar a month plan was a serious adjustment to make for one. And the fact that it denies paying for a rather large amount of “covered” expenses was another shocker. I’m left paying several thousand dollars beyond the monthly payments, to the point that I’m rather thinking I might have just been better off if I’d not gotten the plan at all and just paid off my visits as I went to them. On the plus side, I’ll be on a company plan next month that is just over 100 bucks a month. With better coverage than the State Obamacare I have now. So, things are looking up for me going into the New Year.