Many of those who will see this movie were not alive when the Twin Towers were brought down. Many will never understand the world we lived in before that day. And they will not understand how we reacted. But this movie might just show them a piece of that.

I watched it. It was a good movie. It showed war in a way few movies that I’ve watched ever have. It wasn’t portrayed as glorious or despicable. It was portrayed as close to reality as I think most civilians can recognize. Dirty, difficult, and scary. With moments of loss, confusion, and bravery. And it does not shrink from showing us a glimpse of the horrible evils the Taliban and their ilk commit when they can. Just a glimpse. No movie could show it all and still be watchable to most of us.

The battle scenes are some of the best I’ve seen in film, showing the randomness and chaos of battle. And just how powerful organization and training can be when pointed at such chaos. It also shows something I hadn’t thought to see when I went into the movie. Why the cavalry charge was the most dangerous weapon on Earth for thousands of years. We think we are so far beyond that now, that we have forever supplanted the horse cavalry as a thing that will ever again be relevant to war. We are wrong, and this movie shows us that in living, and dying, color.

This is a good movie. I give it two smart bombs held high. Don’t be too close when the fall. That might be dangerous…