Music was my first love. Until I discovered girls, and realized that music could be used to woo them. Then I loved music even more. The feel of guitar strings under my fingers brings back so many memories of growing up in Northern Minnesota. Dipping my toes into cool spring waters while playing a lilting tune. Add a girl or two sitting next to me, maybe more, and it was pretty much the perfect way to grow up. Some people accused me of having a one-track mind on that account, but I always knew they were wrong. Blonde. Brunette. Redhead. My mind was always good at multitasking. But thinking back on it, I suppose some people had a point or two on the matter. I was wild and free, driven by hormones and thinking I was all grown up. I thought I was ready for life back then. I thought I had everything I needed. I sure did think I was all that and more.

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