Most of you know that I make money selling my stories on various online platforms. Amazon, iTunes, and Smashwords to name a few. The largest amount of my sales, and the largest steady income, comes from Barnes and Noble, though. So I was rather annoyed last year when the ability to update my books stopped working.

I e-mailed tech support and informed them of the issue. At first, they thought I was just off my rocker, but after a few weeks of patiently explaining the issue, and showing the steps I had gone through to show it was their issue, not mine, they realized that, yes, there was an issue with their system. They didn’t fix it. I was annoyed enough that I actually considered taking my books down. But I kept hoping they would send a tech to fix it.

Last week, I found out why they weren’t fixing the issue. It seems, they were developing a new publisher platform and updating all of the old books into the new one. Everything works the way it should now, and my books at Barnes and Noble are up to date with those available at the other platforms again. I’m happy. I would have been happier if they had fixed the issue when it came up, but I understand their reasons. They have didn’t want to spend valuable tech time on the old system they were getting rid of. It makes perfect sense.

I just wish they had told me about this at the time, so I would have known what the delay was. Or fixed it. Or something other than total silence. But I do understand the technical reasons, and am very happy that the platform works and is better than it used to be. Will you, the buyer, ever see a difference? Probably not. But it is nicer for us publishers.

Now, back to writing. Wolfenheim is growling at me from the corner right now.