The star systems of Hellespont, Marmara, and Bosphorus are named after the waterways that link old Constantinople to the Mediterranean and Black Seas. It is a fitting name for the stars that link Alcyone to the rest of the Western Alliance. Hellespont and Bosphorus are bright and powerful sub giant stars, which makes travel to them far easier than other nearby stars. Marmara is a bright giant, making it one of the most powerful single stars near the Pleiades Cluster. The three systems are the best hyperspace run towards The Taurus Gateway, and most starships traveling there follow that path. Ships stop to refuel, load cargo, or buy updated maps of the Pleiades Cluster. Their crew and passengers go to restaurants, buy collectables that prove they were there, or see the beautiful vacation destinations. Those systems are money pits, a source of revenue for the great trading empire that is Constantinople.