I watched Epic over the weekend with family. Not the Epic Movie, but the movie Epic. Yes, there is a difference. Epic starts with the crazy idea of a crackpot scientist that there are tiny people the size of bugs in the forests fighting a battle of good and evil, and then shows us it is true.

One thing I liked about the movie is that the good guys are well trained, well drilled, courageous, and intelligent. When they have to fight, they do so as a well-oiled machine. There was never a time when I wanted to smack them upside the head for being idiots.

Another thing I liked is that the bag guys were well trained, well drilled, courageous in their own way, and intelligent. The bad guy had plans, and backup plans, and more backup plans. He never had a “curses, foiled again by my own stupid plan or henchmen or whatever” moment. And he didn’t want to destroy the world. He wanted to make it nicer for him. Which happened to destroy it for everybody else…but hey…they can’t have everything.

In short, I got to see intelligent people fighting for good and evil, I got to see the good guys fighting with honor and discipline and courage, and I enjoyed it all. It actually reminds me of Star Wars in a way. The original Star Wars, not Disney Star Wars. The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad, and everybody is fighting to control the world as they know it with courage and conviction. I had fun. I enjoyed it. What more can I ask of a movie?

Two thumbs up, without reservation.