Niko Nakamura was a fairly average girl growing up in Los Angeles. She’s got some subtle genetic mods. The eyes are most noticeable there. Outside that, she’s the fairly typical mixture of the Old Japanese and American genes that dominates Los Angeles and the surrounding lands. She joined the Kitsune Youth and did all the typical things kids do. Went scouting. Played laser tag. Learned to cook and clean, how to build a car, the basic care and use of a firearm. How to blow up small buildings with household cleaning chemicals. The little things that pretty much every kid should grow up knowing. She earned her tail, and still wears it on formal occasions to this day, but she’s not one who wears it out around town most days. Most chairs outside Los Angeles are not designed for people with tails you understand, and sitting on them is uncomfortable. Or so she tells me. I may have made certain all my chairs have nice, decorative holes in them after that. She may have smiled the first time she saw them. What can I say? The tail looks good on her.

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