Knights Errant Investigations picked their name out of a hat. Well, out of a random word generator. They didn’t know at the time the generator had been tampered with, but the partners loved the name. So did the largely ex-federal employees they’d recruited for their “direct action” arm. Oh, they continued doing business under the old name, but that faded away in time as K.E.I. became more popular. Now most people don’t even remember it. The new name spoke to the white knight fantasies throughout American culture, the idea that one man could make a difference when grand organizations no longer did. They found missing people. They guarded the less fortunate. And they did it without sponsors. Never mind that the organization was pretty big itself, but the branding was what mattered. They were modern Knights Errant, Investigating crimes against humanity, and taking the war of civilization to those who would victimize the most vulnerable amongst us. The only way that marketing pitch could have failed is if they had failed to live up to it. They didn’t.