Knights Errant Investigations started out wearing the standard proto-military tactical gear common at the time. A lot of black armor, obvious web belts and pouches where it was easy to grab and store things, and full combat helmets that often obscured the facial features. It’s what lots of them had or could find at military surplus stores, so it’s what they used. Then their resident AI came out of the network wearing a fancy fedora, a fabulous smile, and a fantastic trenchcoat that brought to mind the old police detectives or private eyes that once inspired the imaginations of common Americans. It inspired the Knights Errant too, and they emptied the costume shops of every old private eye costume they could find in a matter of weeks. They were a bit all over the board for a while, but they came out with an established uniform style in time. That style has held pretty close for centuries now, a calling card of the Knights Errant in our time.