Days like this remind me of growing up in Northern Minnesota. International Falls to be precise. Where we walked up hill to school both ways, through a snowstorm nine months out of the year. The good old days. One of my favorite past times back then was to get some pretty girls together and go hot tubing. Give me a nighttime sky clad in nothing but a full moon and stars. Give me air cut clear as crystal by the sub-zero temperatures. Give me a wind so quiet you can hear the crunching of snow and the bubbling of water. You can see the steam rising off the hot tub on a night like that as you nestle down deep in its hot waters. And if things get too hot under the water, you can always step out and make a steaming snow angel. Or sit on a snow bank to cool down a bit. Before getting back into the very nice water. It’s Heaven under a nighttime sky. There’s nothing better in all the worlds.