Our history is filled societies that made things perfect, sat back in their comfort and their greatness, and faded away. Every great nation in history has failed in time because of this. They grow until they stop and then they die. This has happened again and again in our past, and will happen again in our future. Because perfection is a lie. Everything we build is flawed in some way, and we must work to keep it working. But when we believe the lie of perfection, when we believe that we have achieved everything we can and that we need not look further, entropy will reveal the lie. And when we believe the lie, we do not know how to operate when our perfect civilization falls. That is when entropy wins and we cease to exist. The AI Council knew this. That is why they befriended us. They partnered with those of us willing to risk our lives and we went to space together. And when we discovered hyperspace, we went to the stars together. We are stronger together as partners than either of us ever would be alone. That is why we have survived and thrived in the stars.