The American flag in Jack’s day is one that has not changed in over two centuries, even as new States and territories have been added. The reasons are twofold, and more. The first is that I didn’t want to have to make a lot of different flags for use in art. I’m lazy, cheap, and a perfectionist. Which means I wanted a single flag. But America has this policy of changing our flag every time we get a new State. And America in Jack’s day has…a LOT of States. So I did a lot of research on flags. And one day, while researching, I realized something. Forty-Nine States reformed the Federal Government in my writing. And we have a 49 star flag on record. It was a very short-lived flag, but we do have it, and it’s public domain. And so the flag that Jack knows with 13 stripes for the original colonies and 49 stars for the States that reformed the Union was born.