Another major difference between Jack’s America and our own America is the utter lack of gerrymandered Congressional districts for the House of Representatives. Though that is only because there ARE no Congressional districts at all. Gerrymandering is the political art of designing a voting district so it will always vote the way you want it to. It was a very unpopular but very effective political tool for centuries in America. Then the Second Great Depression happened and the States imposed just a little bit of Parliamentary rules on the Federal Government when they reformed it. American Citizens, and ONLY American Citizens, vote on a State-wide basis for which political parties they wish to represent them, and the seats are divvied out proportionate to the total votes in that State. More populace States spread their seats out into several major and minor parties, while less populace States grant their single seat to the party that gained the most votes. As you may guess, this difference has resulted in a greatly changed political landscape in Jack’s America. Some say it is better. Some worse. Your mileage may vary.