Like the Federal armed services, State Marine Corps tended to be the busiest of the various State armed forces in Jack’s childhood. While in a state of peace or brushfire wars at worst, it was the smaller units that saw the most action, and the Marines were trained to go anywhere and do anything fast. They weren’t always the best force to send into action, but they were often the closest force available and capable of deploying to a threat. Like some State Armies, they fielded everything from individual grunts, to tanks, mechs, and even aerospace fighters and bombers. Space-capable descendents of the old Osprey were another favorite of the Marines, allowing them to deploy individual Marine units to any destination on Earth and beyond. They could rendezvous with ships in orbit, or drop Marines directly into a combat situation while filling the battlefield with explosive projectiles, laser pulses, or missile fire to suppress enemy defenses. The State Marine Corps were the most experienced military commands when The War began, and they took part in every major American Army, Space Force, or Navy deployment. They didn’t bring the most amount of firepower, the greatest expertise, or even the most bodies, to every single situation or battle, but State Marines were present and accounted for in every single major battle of the entire War.