New Hong Kong has numerous business interests in Micronesia and beyond. Australia. Mainland America. Even some in Mainland China after sufficient cutouts to keep their involvement from being recognized. One investment they made long ago is one few people recognize. The combined businessmen of New Hong Kong hold a forty-nine percent minority partnership in Constantinople’s entire interstellar trade empire. They funded the city’s commercial dreams early in their rush to space and the profits have made New Hong Kong nothing but richer in the centuries since. The New Hong Kong Dollar is in fact one of the most stable currencies on Earth and beyond, and is accepted on all Western Alliance and non-aligned worlds. Even Russian Federation spaceports will convert Dollars into local currency for a small handling fee. They are obviously not accepted on Party-controlled Chinese worlds, though Republic of China worlds are happy to take the Dollars and spend them. New Hong Kong is here to stay in the interstellar halls of power, a testament to the Chinese people’s stubbornness and refusal to surrender. Even if that means standing up to The Party that took over their very homeland and quelled all visible dissent within it.