On Veterans Day, we thank those who served our nations in defense of our freedom.

We see so many places out there in the world where people are fighting just to live. To taste even a piece of the freedom we enjoy. Syria. Afghanistan. Venezuela. Hong Kong. It reminds me how much of an exception we are. The safe and secure world we’ve built behind the wall of soldiers who volunteered to hold the ramparts for us. We have inherited a better world than most of the rest of the world, and we dare not forget why.

That is why I say Thank You for all of your service.

Everything I write is dedicated to those who have defended the freedom that makes it possible for me to write my stories.

And here are some members of Bull Squadron, Marine Fighter Attack Wing 112, The Cowboys, with an old Humvee in the background. They really were a well-connected bunch.

Alice White, daughter of the White Family of San Francisco, Earthborn
Jay Lovato, son of the President of the Navajo Nation, Earthborn
Daniel Freemon, son of the President of Dixie, Earthborn
Virginia Adams, daughter of the Adams Family of Massachusetts, Earthborn