Many use the season of Christmas and New Years to reflect and consider the year we have come through and the year we are going into. New Years resolutions are common, and commonly not followed through on. One of the reasons I try to avoid them in general. But this year may be different.

You see, I try to maintain a carefree and happy attitude most of the time. That covers a far less carefree attitude underneath, one that has some rather particular thoughts on how things should be and what to do when things aren’t right. I would probably rank on at least one or two spectrums if they’d done testing in my day. And I don’t always have the quietest of responses when something doesn’t work like it’s supposed to work. It is a temperament I have dealt with most of my life. One way I found to mitigate it is to maintain a carefree and happy attitude most of the time.

Life is good. It’s not worth bellyaching over the small things.

It doesn’t always work. Sometimes the small things pile up into a large enough crap sandwich that no amount of telling myself “I’m living the dream” will work. At which times I either walk away to let it roll off my shoulders, or give my righteous two cents about the situation. Not always in the quietest of ways, either. People I thought were friends have left when I let those two cents slip out.

That is one reason I treasure everyone who has seen that side of me and is still a friend. Those who work with me despite the sometimes persnickety precision of my particular passion. You know. That whole writing thing that seems to take up a large percentage of my mental processes most of the time.

I am truly thankful for all of you. And if there are New Year’s Resolutions out there that I think would be good to make, one would be to make it more abundantly clear how I feel on that point in the coming year.