Dyess Air Force Base helped fight the various drug cartels attacks that came into Texas during the Second Great Depression. The Hercules squadrons moved soldiers all around Texas and the surrounding States in quick reaction to strike after strike. They became a welcome sight everywhere, proof that Texas was strong even as the federal government reeled from one scandal to the next. And the paratroopers who jumped out of those craft became the paladins of a new age, storming down from the sky with weapons blazing to kill evil drug cartel enforcers wherever they could be found. And yes, they did often help Dixie and her merry little band of misfits in their unrelenting war with the cartels. That simply added to their reputation. Dyess AFB’s fame hit a new high when it was featured on Dixie’s show, and it became one of the preferred shooting locations for both documentaries and fictional shows for years to come. That would ensure that the citizens of Texas would never forget Dyess.