When America returned to space after the Second Great Depression and the Cybernetic Wars, Kirtland Spacebase became Los Alamos Laboratory’s primary launch facility. Kirtland housed the most advanced aerospace craft some of the smartest scientists in the world could design and build, and their exploration ships were found, or not found when they did not wish to be, all over the solar system by the end of the century. The advent of hyperdrives gave Kirtland Spacebase a new mission. It became a vital secure link between Los Alamos and the distant stars, and even Kirtland lost track of how many scientists went into space aboard their rockets. What exactly qualified someone to call themselves a scientist was unclear in those heady days of space exploration, after all. Even Kirtland did not know, and simply went with the flow. If they could afford to buy passage on a shuttle headed out to the orbital stations or beyond, they could fly from Kirtland. After the requisite background checks, of course.