The Second Great Depression Riots hit Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base for weeks on end. Thousands of protesters, anarchists, gang members, and anarchists besieged the base night after night, setting fires and destroying vehicles outside the defensive cordon. They were angry and filled with passion, but they were little better than useful idiots with no real plans after that first night. Those leading and directing the riots had considered it their finest hour. Months of planning culminated in that night. Like thousands of successful protests before, they would provoke the military into some careless action that would cost lives and be broadcast all over the world in seconds. They would prove how dangerous and unstable the military was with one good video of them murdering a poor innocent protester who would have a name and a beautiful life story within minutes for distribution all over the world. Then all they would have to do is stoke the fires of outrage, and they could win the propaganda war at their leisure. They did not expect Tarrant County’s reinforced posse to localize and target them specifically for capture or elimination. That threw a wrench into the middle of their carefully laid plans.