The Convention of States that convened during the Second Great Depression did not follow the American President’s order to stand down. The Forty Nine States had assembled their delegations to deal with the issues America faced, and they were not alone. Numerous Indians Nations stood with them, sometimes as part of State delegations, and sometimes on their own. They had no official votes in the proceedings, but their influence was not to be ignored. The United States Armed Forces also had no votes. The American military properly remained out of political matters, but nearly every surviving American military base had sent observers. The delegations voted out of the convention complained to the news, and their pet networks were quick to denounce the convention as a partisan witchhunt persecuting the President and Congress. That did not stop the convention from meeting each day. They agreed on many points and disagreed on others. What they all agreed upon is they were going to deal with the Federal Government before they closed the convention. They did deal with it in the end.