The Republic of Texas sent Navy and Marine elements to join the American relief fleet the new Federal government sent to aid Australia. They helped stop the Chinese in Indonesia, and prepared for the full-scale war that would soon break out there. Then the Rogue AI nest in Singapore came to everybody’s attention. The Singapore Collective had plans for humanity, and those plans would not have left enough of us alive to complain. So those brave boys and girls worked with the Chinese, the Russians, and everybody else to end that threat once and for all. The world had come closer to destruction at Singapore than it had since Cuba, nearly a century earlier. So the world took a collective breath, and the assembled militaries of every great power returned home. The Texans came home to a heroes’ welcome, and the Republic began looking to space once more. Not that they had ever truly stopped, you understand, but the effective truce on Earth between the Western Alliance, China, and Russia had changed everything. Space was the future again, and it would be where the great powers would once again fight for dominance. Texas was never going to miss a fight like that.