In 2205, we learned the answer to one of the oldest questions of all time. Are we alone? They brought medicines with them that nearly wiped out diseases, and extended the human lifespan into the centuries. They helped us study advanced technologies, and expand our colonies hundreds of lightyears from Earth. It was a golden age that many thought would never end.

Jack grew up in that world at peace, his only interests, partying and girls. But then a sneak attack killed millions of Americans, and wiped out almost everything and everybody Jack knew. He signed up with the Marines to get some payback against the alien scum who’d started it all.

Now Captain Jack Hart of the Republic of Texas Marine Corps and his Avenger-class starfighters support the British Commonwealth fleet seeking to bring The War that has ravaged entire star systems to an end once and for all. All their enemies need to do is surrender the aliens that started all this destruction to Western Alliance justice. That isn’t too much to ask for peace, is it?

Some people call the idea crazy. Others idiotic. But some call it… audacious.


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