“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

I mean, he’s not lying. Yeah, I know they are going to say he meant something different, but why do you think he’s not campaigning again? He’s back in his house, resting, and waiting for the news media or his other surrogates to get him the win. While they try to keep him from saying something else stupid.

I’m not unbiased. Any of you who know me, know my politics rather well. But I watched the Democrat debates. There were one or two that could have courted the moderates amazingly well and pulled in an easy win. Ones that I actually liked. Instead, your party leaders pulled strings and got Biden in for another run.

The same Biden with family members who get million dollar jobs in specialties they’ve never had in countries that Biden is the big man to deal with from our country. And now we have e-mails that Biden doesn’t contest are real that lay that out clearly. That just like the Clinton Foundation, the Biden Family was a pay-to-play scheme where countries gave them money to get access. Why is this practice accepted? In business, people go to jail for this. In politics, they get pulled up to run for the next position.

Of all the choices the Democrats had, why did they pick the one who looks like he’s struggling to read the grocery list?