Pictured here is my Old Jeep, Me, and my New Jeep. It is a bitter sweet picture.

I gave up my Old Jeep this week. She was a good vehicle and got me through many storms up here in Minnesnowta very well. But she had over one hundred thousand miles under her tires, and while she was in very good shape, she was no longer a spring chicken. She came into this world in 2002. Well, probably 2001 based on standard car company practices, but she said 2002 on her birth certificate, and we all know its rude to ask if a lady is really as old as she advertises. 😉

The New Jeep says she was born in 2015, and has only traveled thirty six thousand miles. She’s got more advanced electronics, including DVD player, bluetooth, automatic start, and a host of other goodies that newer vehicles come with. Her owners manual even claims that I can talk to her and she’ll actually listen. Now that’s what I call service with a Jeep-flavored smile.

The real kicker to me is that the New Jeep is going to be cheaper on a monthly basis than the Old Jeep due to various loan terms, up front trade-in value, insurance, maintenance, and other considerations. A newer vehicle, with fewer miles, is cheaper to own than what I was paying before to be a mobile car-owning American.

That’s pretty amazing to think about. Hats off to my Old Jeep. She did me good. And hats off to my New Jeep. She’s got a real reputation to live up to.