April didn’t join Dixie’s gang of misfits out of any deep-seated loyalty towards humanity. She enjoyed money, clothing, and jewelry, and greatly enjoyed taking them all from other people. That was the supreme challenge for her. But then Dixie captured her and made it very clear that she would work with Dixie when called. April agreed with Dixie’s singular choice. She was paired off with fellow former Russian Rogue AI Solo for a few missions during the wind up to the final assaults on the Islamic State of Detroit, and the two made off like bandits. Literally. We never have found out where all the riches of Detroit disappeared to. Most people don’t entirely believe her protestations of innocence in the matter, but even her most ardent critics agree that she came when called. She and Solo tracked Russian megacorps profiting from the wars through Europe, into the depths of the Warsaw networks, and all the way to Indonesia. She likes to tell the tale of discovering the Rogue AI nest in Singapore, but nobody knows if she really did or just likes telling stories. Well. Everybody knows she likes telling stories. The bigger the better. She just smiles when asked if the last story is true and goes on to another story of daring do and wearing fancy clothes to grand balls in the courts of kings and tycoons. The stories usually slide around some suggestion that somebody lost something of value, though of course she has no idea how it happened. So sad for everyone involved.

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