The AI Council’s New Voyager Program sent swarms of laser and solar-powered microchip-sized probes into space ahead of us. They spread throughout the solar system, and gave us our best look at space beyond the boundaries of our system. We had long known that our sun’s solar wind created a roughly egg-shaped bubble of space under its control as it plowed its way through interstellar space. Many of the AI Council’s probes hovered on the forward end of the bubble, using the competing energies out there to keep on eye on both regions of space. Others fell off the back end of our solar system, and have spent centuries slowly drifting further behind us. They are a tail of electronic probes following us through the galaxy, always watching and communicating with their peers. They tell us what they see. Sometimes they merely talk about the weather. They are always talking about something, sending their words further out like our own gift to the cosmos.