Chloe did not sit still and watch as the Fifth French Republic tore itself apart in the twisting grips of French Nationalism and Islamic Statism. She helped the French Resistance, but she knew they weren’t the answer to end France’s troubles. So she also went in search of an answer. She found him in New York City. He was a student of the sciences, mathematics, and economics. He worked in management and private equity enterprises, and had long since made a name for himself pulling both private and public companies out of bankruptcy. He owned real estate on every continent, and commanded a personal fortune that easily ranked him in any top ten list of worldwide richest people. And his last name was Napoleon. He was the recognized heir of the Napoleon family in fact, though he rarely used the name. The problem Chloe had was that he had no intention of returning to France. He was no power hungry Caesar ready to cross the Rubicon and wrest control from the Republic’s faltering hands. He turned her down flat when she asked him to come home, in fact. That was the first hurdle Chloe had to cross in her mission to save France. It would not be her last.

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