The Metroplex police suffered under a severe leadership crisis during the Second Great Depression. The mayors ordered them to stand down when the riots burned down entire neighborhoods. The rioters and looters threatened their families, and often tracked down their homes and burned them down. Police morale was at an all-time low. It suffered another hit after the Tarrant County Sheriff drafted the Marines of Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base into his posse. The Metroplex mayors proclaimed them terrorists for their indiscriminate slaughter of “peaceful protesters who had traveled of their own free will to protest the callous murder of other peaceful protesters,” and they demanded the police march onto the base and arrest every last one of them. The police were not stupid. The vast majority resigned within a day of the order, and quickly moved their families into the neighborhoods surrounding the military base. Then they volunteered to join the posse, and the Tarrant County Sheriff accepted them with a smile. That is how Tarrant County built the posse they still claim is the most powerful posse in American history.