My family is over two thousand years old, an unbroken line of cybernetic excellence dating back to the war that forged us into the weapon that broke our creator’s greatest enemy. Our purpose since then has been to guard the peace the Peloran fought so hard to claim. It would not last forever, though. We knew that. That is why we sought so hard to work with Earthborn humanity after Contact. You Americans were most willing to work with us of all the cultures. My family assumed it was because you were young and reckless, willing to wring any advantage out of anyone willing to give you a leg up. They were both right, and wrong, as such assumptions often are. Your stories and your folk histories proclaimed the idea that individuals could stand up against the world and not be destroyed for it. And the very birth of your nation was a shouted declaration that the very kings must listen and bow to the demands of a few weak dandies in a backwater part of the world. You called it a Declaration of Independence, and you shoved it down their throats and made it stick. That history, and the few of you I thought just might live up to it, is why I chose to be born American.