I come from a Peloran cybernetic family who had ceased taking fighter pilots as partners. I lobbied the family to change that policy, and put my money where my mouth was. That is why I was born a starfighter. I chose to join my life to a scion of one of the Great Families of Earth, because he wanted to change them for the better. I wished to help him. I did not expect everything that happened due to that choice. I thought I could remain Peloran and still help him. It turns out that I was wrong. The bond between fighter and pilot is too close to allow such dual loyalties to survive. I sometimes say that I chose to be born American. It is more accurate to say that I chose an American as a partner, and became one myself as time went by. I will always see Americans from the perspective of an outsider, but also as an immigrant of a kind. It can be rather confusing at times. But such is life. It is rarely as straight forward as the stories would suggest.