I recently watched Moon Knight, and I have to say that it is not at all what I expected. I’m a total newb to the Moon Knight franchise, so went in with a blank slate. The end result is that I was impressed. It was a very good origin story for a hero who was already a hero. It works because Oscar Isaac plays a man with multiple personalities, and is mostly shown from the viewpoint of a personality that has no idea that another of his personalities has sworn an oath to a moon god. We discover the depths of that oath throughout the series, and Oscar is what makes it work. He is an amazing actor. You can tell what personality he is by his facial expressions, his accent, and a dozen other subtle clues he emotes with perfection. He carries the series and nails it from his first confused look at the world to the very last final act as the camera fades to black. If nothing else, the series is worth watching just to see him show everybody else a master class in portraying characters.