I watched the first three episodes of Andor, and I have to admit that it is a good series. Filmed well. Very dramatic. Good stuff. Just like Moon Knight, Kenobi, She-Hulk, WandaVision, and the other recent Disney TV series. I’ve generally liked all of them, though my like has always been with reservations. I could point to individual issues, but an overall issue nagged at me that I could never nail down. I finally nailed it down with Andor. The Disney TV series are serious. Like Rogue One, they are telling a serious story and they do it seriously. The problem is that the movies that made those franchises great all had a certain amount of humor in them. Most of them had plucky heroes mouthing off and joking as they fought the bad guys. Coming up with pithy comments and jazz. The movies did not take themselves seriously. They were telling a serious story, but they did so in a light-hearted manner. I enjoy that. I do not like losing that joy when watching the shows.