I have a pair of low end rendering rigs at my house. Cheap video cards, with a heavy helping of RAM and large hard drives to give them room to work. I use them to render character shots and scenes. Lighting, camera angles, and posing often takes me hours to get right. I spend a few minutes moving things around, hit render, and go do something else. Come back in an hour to see if I got it right. Repeat until I’m happy with the scene. Then I hit a long run 4 or 8-hour render to bring it out in full detail. The better rig can do it in 3 or 4, the lesser rig in 8 or 10 hours. The key is, I can get a near 1 for 1 ratio of renders I like with this practice. Here are Jack and Jasmine, rendered in DAZ Studio. They are Out of Time and Space.