The Twentieth Amendment to the US Constitution actually showcased how the industrial revolution changed politics in the United States. Back when the Constitution was ratified, it could take months for new Federally elected individuals to travel from their home States to the capital. The creation of nation-wide railroads and the automobile roads would change that drastically, and by the 1930s there was a significant gap between the election in November and the start of the new terms in March that was not needed for travel times. This Amendment therefore changed the Congressional terms to end on January 3, and required that the new Congress have its first session on that same date. We all know now that it is on January 6th that this NEW Congress counts the delegates for the Presidency, and this Amendment changed Presidential term to ending on January 20th. There were also a number of clarifications on Presidential Successions and how to handle the issue of an unqualified person getting the most votes. If for examples the President-Elect died, was too young, or not born in America, the Vice-President-Elect would become the Acting President until Congress managed to clear the relevant issues up.