Michael commanded the fighter squadron designated to liaise with my Cowboys. He and his two copilots flew with me throughout the Hyades Campaign, and proved to be valuable allies. We walked through Chinese streets together, meeting the locals and projecting a calm I wish I had truly felt. We spoke about everything under the stars, from my time growing up on Earth, to all of the places he has seen in the skies of his native Arkadia. He helped rebuild their civilization after the Ennead destroyed their homeworld. And yes, that places him at well over two thousand years old. But like most of the races the Albion gengineered, he has spent most of that time relaxing and enjoying the life he helped rebuild. He would still be there now if he had a choice. Arkadia is his heaven, the place his people have made their perfect home. But then the Shang came calling. Michael and his people cannot start a war. That is part of their basic genetic coding. But they can, by God, finish one once it starts.

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