Sarah was the first Weylan I ever got to know. Sunnydale really opened my eyes to a lot of things. But speaking of eyes…Sarah had some amazing ones. You know her people can see a lot more than we can, right? Radio waves. Microwaves. Infrared. Ultraviolet. Even some X-rays. Let’s just say that with a visible spectrum that wide, it can get hard to hide things from them. And Sarah was always really good at figuring stuff out I didn’t want her knowing. I fully admit to maybe being a bit intimidated by those red sparkling eyes. You would be too if she gave you that long, hard stare that says she knows what you’re thinking. Made me feel like I needed to go to confession, and I’m not even Catholic. She took some pity on me in the end, though. Went over all the things she could learn about a person just by looking. That’s mostly from infrared, by the way. Heat vision. We humans tend to betray a lot of our emotions via heat. She may have helped me work on learning to mask those from people with her peepers a bit better. All very valuable instruction, I assure you.

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