The fall of Arkadia was the end. Until then, the Albion had been fighting to protect their legacy and their lives. After Arkadia fell, the Albion knew that nothing they had could stop the Ennead from killing them. After Arkadia fell, the Albion surrendered to the inevitable. After Arkadia, they gave their assembled armies and navies one last command. “Kill them all.” But the fact is that the Weylan didn’t need that command. The Weylan had been born on Arkadia. All of them. Their children had been on Arkadia when the Ennead tore it apart. The Weylan would have killed the Ennead for free after that. They did exactly that with their Peloran and Arnam cousins. They visited the same destruction on the Ennead that the Ennead had done to their homes. To their creators. That is the mettle of the Weylan. They can be the nicest people you’ve ever met. And they can be the worst avenging angels you never want to see. They are good allies.