My family had business concerns throughout human-occupied space, so I met many aliens in the century after Contact. Michael was not the first Weylan I met because of this. He was the first one I spent enough time with to truly know, though. Which meant I had to ask him the question I had long avoided when I met members of his race. Why they looked like angels. They don’t, really. Not the written descriptions. But they do look like the artist renditions. His response was to smile and say, “I really can’t say.” My response was that he needed to if he expected to work with me. He told me after that, and the truth is not as salacious as some theorize. They truly are not related in any way to the angels of our religious beliefs, but can play the part with perfect sincerity when they wish to. I will never forget the first time Michael invited us to a church Christmas program he had a small part in. I will give you one guess what part he played.

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