I met Sarah at Sunnydale when her people first arrived to help us. She was the first of her kind I ever met. Yeah, she was pretty as an angel. No, she wasn’t one. Her race is younger than the Bible, and they don’t even look like Biblical descriptions of angels. But…they sure do look a lot like the art. When I asked her about that, she just shook her head and said, “I really can’t say.” I may have asked if that was a “can’t” or a “won’t.” And she may have smiled and said something about the complexities of the American language. So I may have made it my mission to pump her for all the information I could get out of her. So she told me stories about flying around in the skies of her native Arkadia. And about fighting the Ennead. Oh. Did I miss that part? Yeah. She’s over two thousand years old. She watched the Albion die. And then she helped kill the Ennead. There certainly is a spark of the avenger hiding behind those fiery eyes.

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